Fall Ponderings

After a very hot and dry summer, fall is finally upon us! I love this time of year, because this feels like the best time to reflect, digest, and think about the all that has happened since last year. Autumn means falling leaves, a chance to let go of all that weighs on us. Time to sow new seeds and renew ourselves. 

The beginning of celebrations and decorating around the house, cooler temperatures, and rain, please!! We were blessed with a red moon a few days ago to inaugurate the season, and we even got some drops today, the last day of September! The sunsets are pretty impressive right now in the Bay Area, supposedly because of the tropical trend in the climate... The sun is changing too, look at tonight's skies:

I’m already thinking of all types of nerdy crafts I can get into. Most of all, I can’t wait for the smell of slow-cooked heavy meals simmering in the kitchen. And, yes, why not come up with some new ideas for a body butter? Something woody, green, mossy, something to remind us of that dewey grass in the morning and the fresh, clean air after the rain. Hm-mmm. I'll be posting updates along the way...

Have a great October.