Happy Holidays from MIZTERA

Finally December, such a busy month! Holidays are often stressful because so much has to be coordinated and expectations are high. But all there is to remember is that the point of these holidays is to be happy, in good company, and stress-free! The “season of giving” can easily become overwhelming, as we’re constantly bombarded by sales ads everywhere, from Thanksgiving all the way to Christmas. I usually don’t love participating in this kind of holiday shopping craze, as a seller or as a buyer. I do, however, make sure I get thoughtful gifts for my close ones. 

I like anything handmade because it’s unique, and I feel like somebody’s passion and love is transmitted through the product. As a matter of fact, I make sure I am relaxed and joyful while I make my body butters, because I truly believe it affects the quality of my product! Just like the effort and love put into a good meal is essential to its taste…

Anyway, back to business: I AM doing a holiday market this year!

Yes, I’m happy to be part of the Vagabond Street Fair at Urban Bazaar in San Francisco, on the first weekend of December. There will be all kinds of fair-trade and local handmade gifts for you all to browse outdoors, with pretty lights and heaters! :)

Here is the flyer, hope to see you there!


This year, my products are also featured in an pop-up shop, Colab, at the Bay St mall in Emeryville. That’s thanks to the owner of Concept 47, an eclectic gift shop in Oakland’s Temescal district (where you can also find the Wonder Butter).


Of course I have special prices for this holiday season: there’s free shipping (with coupon code NOEL), and 35% off everything until the end of the month (code name LOVEHANDMADE) for all online orders.


This time of year is the toughest on your skin, so it would be very wise indeed to put extra care into it, or show love by gifting natural cosmetics, handcrafted with love!

Happy Holidays to all, and see you next year!