Summer thoughts

As much as things have been happening a lot for the past couple of months, this past month has been a bit slower. I’m having trouble keeping up with this great vegetable garden which I was expecting to be magnificent (obviously I was a little naive thinking my first time as a gardener would yield perfect results). But that’s okay. The weather is erratic, and it would be nice to blame it, but I must admit I haven’t been as adamant about caring for it.

I had promised to put up the new Divine Blossom Body Scrub of which I’ve been trying to take the best shots — and… I know, it’s still not up for sale!

Lots on my plate right now; I’m dealing with certain personal health issues, which I might delve into more in future posts because it has a lot to do with the story of how MIZTERA, and the Wonder Butter came about.

However, I will just keep it short and sweet and let some others do the talking — I’ve had a few green beauty bloggers review some of my products and am waiting for some more… Let the pros tell it like it is!

I do have a special topic of interest which I will also bring to light next month. I have had the privilege to receive a good amount of shea butter brought personally from a friend who works with women in Burkina Faso — and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

That’s it, and with that, I wish all of you a great month of July full of joy and celebration, life and light in moderation.