It's Soul Therapy:

Simply Wholesome.


Small-batch, non-toxic, nutrient-rich, cruelty-free, plant-based skincare

Commercial beauty products often contain harmful chemicals, preservatives, and other fillers. Most lotions and creams on the market contain a lot of water, which tends to dry out the skin rather than moisturize it. The mere presence of water in a lotion or cream promotes bacterial or fungal growth, which requires a preservative to avoid contamination. On the other hand, vegetable butters and oils are stable on their own and have a long shelf life. 

Botanical oils and extracts contain powerful vitamins, antioxidants, and healthy fats

Plant-based butters and oils are the best way to keep your body hydrated and healthy. While the beauty industry perpetuates the myth that oil clogs pores and causes breakouts, botanical oils and extracts actually have strong antiseptic, purifying properties. Phytonutrients help repair, restore and maintain skin cells. Essential oils have been used therapeutically for centuries. Natural plant-based oils contain healthy fats which help seal in the moisture on the skin, while delivering vitamins and nutrients.

No water, preservatives, fillers, or fragrances.

MIZTERA products don't contain water. Instead, they are composed of vegetable, fruit and seed butters and oils. Never greasy and deeply nourishing, they are suitable for all body parts and all types of skin, especially sensitive types.



Crafted with high quality, therapeutic-grade essential oils, MIZTERA products are always handmade in small batches. At MIZTERA, we are dedicated to using eco-friendly, cruelty-free, locally-sourced materials. We believe in full transparency when it comes to body and home product ingredients. The vision of MIZTERA is to consider  a way of life without toxic chemicals. The process and packaging of our products is made with recycled products, and aims for zero waste. We source organic and local as much as possible.