MIZTERA founder, Alice

I was raised in France and come from a family of artists, makers and artisans, who taught me the beauty of simple things. I spent my summers strolling farmer’s markets, picking wild fruits, building tree-houses, playing in tide pools, cooking, sewing, etc. As an adult, I studied Anthropology at UC Berkeley, to explore diversity and find universal beauty in the mundane and ordinary. In the spring of 2008, my childlike awe for the world was shrouded by illness. A long and painful journey took me through the maze of doubt and uncertainty, and left me powerless. I longed for something true, something real. Trying to balance out the dreaded rituals of medical treatment with rituals of self-love and self-care, I started crafting my own therapy. What felt most comforting was to go back to my roots, and what I knew best: the natural, the simple, the familiar. And so the vision of Miztera was born: an idea of body care that felt like “comfort in a jar.” Miztera is healing for mind and body. I make my own beauty recipes based on modern and traditional medicine.