It's Springtime... and Mother's Day!

Spring makes me smile and gives me much inspiration to imagine and create. 


My Herb Garden

My Herb Garden

For the first time, I’m trying to grow a vegetable and herb garden, and learning along the way. Lately, I’ve been pretty concerned about the food I eat and how that affects not only my health but how my body feels on a daily basis. Of course, buying organic is not always budget-friendly, so I try to stay away from the “Dirty Dozen” (those fruits and vegetables which tend to have the most pesticide residue). But I am so excited about growing my own food, not only because it’s easier on my wallet, but because it’s so rewarding and satisfying! Fresh culinary herbs are essential for cooking and great for your health, and homegrown fruits and vegetables also taste so much better than store-bought produce. So far, I’m still waiting for a real harvest, but some cherry tomatoes are starting to peek out, and the zucchini is growing fast and producing those beautiful blossoms (a really tasty treat).

The Wonder Scrub: a new refined formula

The Wonder Scrub: a new refined formula








I’ve also been working on perfecting my existing products as well as experimenting a bit. I found a way to really refine the ingredients in my scrub, so that it really feels good without being too rough. So happy with the result! Now I’m about to create a sister product for my Divine Blossom Body Butter (which is really perfect for spring and summer with its fresh citrusy scent and essential oils). Hopefully this will be ready in time for Mother’s Day: a fine scrub with sugar, apricot seed powder, and oatmeal. Very excited about this new creation, which will be great to complete my collection.







Talking about Mother’s Day: I’m very proud to be a guest at Les Artisanes’s  Spring Show again this year! 

This is an awesome event happening in Sunnyvale on Fri. and Sat. May 8 and 9. Sunday is Mother’s Day, so that’s a great opportunity to get that last minute gift!

Les Artisanes is a group of French women who has been presenting their handcrafted products for a couple of decades in the Bay Area. Much respect to them for their passion and their dedication to keeping our French culture alive for so long! They have shows for Fall and Spring every year, and you can see their beautiful creations on

This is coming really soon, so don’t miss it if you’re around the South Bay!

May 1st is coming up, and that’s Labor Day around the world. In France, it’s a custom to buy Lilies of the Valley to brighten up the day and welcome the sunny weather.

Thank you for following and supporting my efforts in this small business of natural, handcrafted beauty! It’s a beautiful thing to be able to do something you love for a living.