The New Divine Blossom Body Scrub (and a peek at Les Artisanes Spring Show)

This month has been full of excitement.

First, the Spring Show with Les Artisanes was a great success! It was awesome to meet and share this experience with other makers, all of them very creative, positive, and strong women. What I love about this group of French (and francophile) women is that they support each other a great deal, and do so continually throughout the year to create stunning craft shows. And they’ve been doing this for 20+ years! So, a big shout out to them! You can see some of these ladies’ creations online: Emmanuelle creates beautiful jewelry with precious stones, check her out at Kim weaves intricate, gorgeous accessories, jewelry and art displays ( Emma has a beautiful line of chlidren’s and women’s accessories, interior decor, etc. at Anne D. makes stunning custom leather books, and is an expert in bookbinding; LD makes rustic glazed pottery, Anne V. plays with fabulous fabrics to make all kinds of scarves and accessories… The show was complemented with great food from Delphine's Delices and Beatrice & Cathy with Saveur Provence... The list goes on, and you can check them all out on the website


On to some big news for MIZTERA!!! The Divine Blossom Body Scrub is official! My collection of skincare products started with the duo of The Wonder Butter and The Wonder Scrub, rich, deeply nourishing, with warm and deep notes of shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and jojoba oil. I created the Wonder Butter for myself in an attempt to relieve my dry and rough skin, and then it… kind of took a life of its own.  Then came the Divine Blossom, a blend of mango butter, aloe vera butter, apricot oil, and “divine” essential oils of frankincense, myrrh, along with invigorating and uplifting bergamot and neroli (orange blossom flower). This body butter, like the Wonder Butter, is deeply repairing It only seemed natural (no pun intended) to to complement it with a sister scrub!

So there it is: to the same base of body butter were added some wonderful exfoliants. Some sugar, oatmeal to soothe irritations, and a tiny bit of apricot kernel powder to slough off that dead skin. It smells just as divine, is very gentle and well-suited for all types of skin, even sensitive ones. It will be up and available in the shop shortly, just a little patience :)


Finally, my second collection is complete! I am thinking of adding another lip balm to really make this a set, since some of my clients have asked for vegan lip balm (The Healing Balm has warm and deep ingredients included in the Wonder collection, but it contains beeswax). Frankincense and myrrh would really be great for lip repair, and a little citrusy note might be really refreshing for the summer.

Make sure you check out the website in a little bit, I’ll definitely update you on my social networks as soon as it’s available to ship! :)

Sending all of you great vibes and wishing you a happy month of June… 

Yours truly!