Hello 2016!

MIZTERA is now 2 years old. I couldn’t be happier and prouder of what’s been accomplished! The best part of it is the feedback I get from all of you, which keeps me going even more. It feels great to get recognition for something I really put my heart in. MIZTERA is more than just a business. I’ve gained great relationships and met so many people, shared stories and common struggles.

It’s about human connection. And the bigger picture. Not just natural beauty, but a natural world, often times so out of reach for most of us. At least, that’s what they want us to believe…Let’s keep our dreams alive, and work for a better planet! If I have any resolutions this year, it’s to get greener and greener on all fronts.

That includes expanding the MIZTERA product line, which is a long, selective process. Of course, I’ll share my trials and tribulations along the way. That also includes learning how to grow herbs and vegetables, which is my new hobby.

You might me see me out there again this year, selling my wares at the many markets we’re lucky to have in the Bay Area. Here's a shot of my last holiday market at Urban Bazaar in San Francisco.

Now, on a more serious note. You have less than two weeks to show your love to your close ones, if you believe in St Valentine’s! So, yes, you can thank me, because I’ve got the perfect gift for you and yours: $15 off any order over $40. Or, go with a “chocolate” gift set for $30 featuring the Wonder collection (butter + scrub + lip balm), with cocoa butter and other delicious ingredients…


Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy February!